Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Help is available anytime, anywhere via Adobe Connect

Hi All,

I recently stumbled upon a fabulous piece of software called Adobe Connect.

For those of you who who aren't aware, Adobe Connect allows you to 'share' your computer with other people.

Say, for instance, you were sitting at home and couldn't figure out how to execute a search in Medline. Once upon a time you would have had to either visit the library in person, or contact me via phone or email to discuss the problem.

Now it is possible for Adobe Connect to 'bridge' the distance between you and I! Adobe Connect allows you to see my computer screen on your computer screen in real time and vice versa. This allows me to demonstrate things to you and you to demonstrate things to me. It's even possible to 'control' each others' computers.

Adobe Connect allows me to assist you regardless of where you're located. This makes things much more convenient for both of us!

All your computer needs for Adobe Connect to work is Flash (you don't need to have a personal Adobe Connect account or download the software).

For more information about Adobe Connect, check out this website.

Let me know whether you'd like to test it out!