Friday, 12 June 2009

Get Your Research Published! Part 1: Refining Your Material

Hi All,

I've decided to publish a blog series on getting research published. After all, this is the goal to which all postgrads aspire!

Today's post is on refining your material -- an essential step when pitching papers to journals. In coming weeks I'll provide tips on how to transform that massive dissertation into a series of pithy, journal-friendly papers.

Try to keep the following in mind...
  • Is your paper specific enough? Having a clearly defined topic better enables you to select the most relevant resources to cite and makes it easier to market your paper to editors.
  • Is your paper pertinent enough? Publishers are always looking for papers that relate to current health issues. Either examine a completely new issue that's burst onto the scene, or re-examine an existing health issue in light of new developments.
  • Is your paper's scope narrow enough? This is the easiest way to stick within those pesky word perameters that journals so strictly enforce!

Stay tuned for next week's instalment, which looks at the key steps to writing a good scholarly paper...


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