Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Database on trial -- China Data Online (Statistics)

Dear All,

I wanted to alert you to a new database that is on trial at the moment -- China Data Online. This product brings together government statistics and census data relating to China. With thousands of available variables and a powerful online search platform in English and Chinese, China Data Online is the premier tool for China studies.

Please take a look at this database if it corresponds to your topic area. The trials page is at: The trial ends 19 April 2009, so get in quick!

Please fill out the Database Evaluation form at: The more (positive) feedback the library receives, the more likely it is that we will subscribe to this database on an ongoing basis.



Ronak Jain said...

Thia is a very good practice of trail versions before relieving the full fledge version of it .

Kate Masters said...

Yes -- the library never purchases a database without fully testing it! We look for things like usability and database features as well as the quality of the content.