Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Publish your research in the Sydney eScholarship Repository

Dear Readers,

Have you heard about the Sydney eScholarship Repository? This is a place where you can publish your research and increase your citation count!

There are many benefits to publishing in the Repository, including:
  • Long-term preservation for a variety of digital formats including text, audio, video, images, datasets, and more
  • A worldwide audience (items in the Repository are indexed in Google Scholar and are assigned metadata, which increases the likelihood of documents being found by other researchers)
  • Quick distribution of research results
  • Organised access to the body of a researcher's work for students and others
  • A long term stable URL that can be used in a citation to link to items in the repository

You retain copyright over material stored in the repository – the library simply administers it. Even if you’ve published your work in a journal, it may still be able to be submitted to the Repository. Honours students – your contributions are also welcome!

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