Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Publish Not Perish: the Art and Craft of Publishing in Scholarly Journals

Getting published in prestigious scholarly journals is customary for tenure and promotions in academia.

“Publish not Perish” is a peer-reviewed online tutorial created through a collaborative effort of the libraries of the University of Colorado. This is an excellent tutorial to help you maximize your chances of publication.

If you are an early career researcher or have never published in a scholarly journal, the tutorial answers the following questions about the process:

-What’s ‘open access,’ and why do I care?
-What kinds of articles should I try to publish?
-How do I find appropriate journals for submitting my work?
-Should I co-author articles with colleagues?
-Where do I get ideas for paper topics?
-How do I turn my idea(s) into a publishable article?
-How do I contact a journal?
-How do I format my paper properly?
-How do I accurately cite my sources?
-How long will it take to hear back about my submission?
-What happens in the peer review process?
-What happens if my paper is rejected?

(“Publish not Perish” has been featured on this blog with kind permission from
Jennifer Knievel, University of Colorado Libraries)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina,

This is an excellent tutorial.I have been desparately trying to get published.

Thank you

Caroline said...

Thank you for adding these gems of information Katrina